West Wind Scavenger Hunt Registration

West Wind Hunt – Zephyrus is the West Wind and, being a cowboy, is a favorite of the kids. Thus this hunt is aimed at families. To complete this quest your family must venture to Highland Park. There Zephyrus has set loose 15 of his horses which have scattered around the park. But fear not! Zephyrus has also provided clues for the parents to figure out and will help guide each family to where the horses are hiding. When you find a horse, it will have a riddle for the kids to figure out regarding the type of animal the horse is friends with. Enter that animal name into the Our Treasure Hunt app. If you get it correct, you will get the clue to the next location. If you get stumped, the next clue will appear automatically in 30 minutes.

Each team can have as many members as you would like to split the prize with, but only one person (or rather phone) per team can register in the app. The clues will be available to your team leader through the app. The grand prize will be awarded via a drawing.

The hunt begins at 9am on Saturday, January 27th and will end Sunday, February 4th at 5pm so your team will have until then to finish. Each clue solved will earn two entries in the drawing. You can also earn another 10 entries by completing the hunt. Additionally, a bonus 100, 50, and 25 entries will be awarded to the first, second, and third teams to finish respectively.