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Appearance Requests

Request the 2024 Royal Family

Let it be known that incoming King Boreas LXXXVII, and the Royal Family are honored to be invited to your event. Please complete the following form with the information requested to the best of your ability. We will do our best to attend your event. Please fill out the form on a computer rather than mobile phone in order to ensure all areas are completed.
** If your event occurs over multiple days, please submit a form for each date you would like the Royal Family to attend.

If you have any questions please contact: 2024 Royal Coordinators by email at

Request the 2024 Royal Family

Request the Vulcan Krewe

Invite the Vulcan Krewe to be a part of your next gathering! Simply fill out the form, return it, and they will respond with availability.
Request the Vulcan Krewe

Request the Senior Royalty

Invite the Senior Royalty to be a part of your next gathering! Simply fill out the form, return it, and they will respond with availability.
Request the Senior Royalty

Legend Character Applications

Want to be a part of the Winter Carnival legend? Apply to be a part of the magic and share the story of Saint Paul with Minnesotans and visitors alike through one of the many royalty positions available each year.

Festival leaders, including the Winter Carnival Royal Family, are volunteers who are sponsored by and represent Saint Paul businesses. Volunteers are chosen for leadership skills, affiliation with a local business, and commitment to the City of Saint Paul. In addition to participating in Winter Carnival traditions (i.e., coronation, parades, overthrow of King Boreas) during the festival period, they make over 400 appearances throughout the year at local, regional, and national festivals, nursing homes, schools, and hospitals on behalf of the Winter Carnival and City of Saint Paul.

Leadership opportunities connect these festival ambassadors to Saint Paul and other communities around the region. The leaders effect change and foster pride in many communities through fun and educational engagement with residents from all walks of life. During the year, volunteers gain new skills, make connections, and promote pride in Saint Paul and communities they visit.

2024 Queen of Snows

Applications for the 2024 Queen of Snows Candidate Program are attached below. Once completed, please scan and email to or mail to the SPFHF Office at 75 W. 5th Street, Suite 429, Saint Paul, MN 55102. Sponsor checks should also be mailed to be received by the office by 4 pm on November 3, 2023. Please review all documents below.

Don’t delay submitting your application! The timestamp of when your application is received will be used to allow candidates to select their first interview time. First submitted means first choice.  Thank you!

2024 Queen of Snows Candidate Handbook

2024 Queen of Snows Application

2024 Queen of Snows Frequently Asked Questions

2024 Queen of Snows Pursuing a Sponsor

2024 Order of the Royal Guard

Applications for the 2024 Order of the Royal Guard are available at the link below.
2024 Guard Application

2024 Junior Royalty

Applications for the 2024 Junior Royalty are available for download and submission.
2024 Junior Application Packet

2024 Senior Royalty

Applications for the 2024 Senior Royalty will be on hold until 2025. Please come back next year and apply.

2024 Klondike Kates

Applications for the 2024 Klondike Kates are found at this link.

Visiting Ambassador Registration

Ambassadors will arrive on Friday morning (8:00-9:30 am), January 26th. The date listed on the registration form will be a hard date. We are NOT able to accept any registrations after December 30, 2023.

For Ambassadors joining the Saint Paul Winter Carnival from other regional events, click on the form below.

2024 Visiting Ambassador Registration