Klondike Kate – Sassy & Sweet for 50 Years 

For over 50 years, Klondike Kate has been entertaining Winter Carnival fans and followers with her sassy and sweet personality. A Carnival staple since 1971, Klondike Kate lights up the room with her endless singing and dancing! As we celebrate Klondike Kate’s big 50th Anniversary, we can’t imagine a future Winter Carnival without her!

Check out this great Pioneer Press feature on Carol Carney, the first Klondike Kate in 1971.


Vintage Klondike Kate Posters 


Klondike Kate Throughout the Years (click-thru): 


Did You Know?!

  • Former Klondike Kate from 1993, Lois Laurie, was a grade school teacher by day and Klondike Kate at night.  She claimed at the time, “I’m not sure which one is more fun or problematic – the kids or the Vulcans – but I love ’em both!”

More Great Resources

Looking for more great history about the Saint Paul Winter Carnival? Visit the Minnesota Historical Society’s online database and the Ramsey County Historical Society’s online database and search, “Winter Carnival.”

Thank you and credit to the Minnesota Historical Society; the Ramsey County Historical Society; archives of the Pioneer Press and “Fire and Ice” by Moira Harris for helping contribute to this collection of history! Also, thank you to Winter Carnival’s own, Tom Barrett, for helping us digitize all this history!