Ladies’ Day Application

Join us for Ladies’ Day at Landmark Center on Sunday, February 4, 2018!

We’re looking for women-owned businesses to showcase their product(s) and service(s) for hundreds of women across the Minnesota metro. We want to make this day interactive! A fashion show, fitness mini classes, mini spa treatments, food to try, drinks to taste, art classes, purse bingo and more. Please comment in your application if you are interested in participating in one of these events.

Provided at booths will be 6 ft tables and extension cords. Please bring everything else. For classes, we have an additional space.

Sunday, February 4 th
11:00 AM- 3:00 PM

Vendor Set up Time: 10:00 AM- 10:45 AM
Vendor Take Down: 3:00 PM- 4:00 PM

Fill out the application below to submit your interest* for participation in this exciting event!

$250 per vendor table

*This application does not imply acceptance into the event. The Saint Paul Winter Carnival has the right to deny entry of any product(s)/service(s) submitted. You will be notified of any changes or acceptance by Carnival staff.

By submitting this application, you confirm that you have read and understand the below rules & regulations:


Winter Carnival Rules and Regulations for All Vendors
1. All business or other activity for which Applicant has rented space must be conducted in your designated area only. No excessive noise, such as loud music, singing, or megaphone use is prohibited unless pre-approved by SPFHF. No distribution of literature, sales or sampling may be done by strolling through Winter Carnival grounds.

2. Winter Carnival will enforce space rented to all Vendors. Vendor may use only agreed upon space approved by SPFHF. All unauthorized use of space will be charged a penalty fee along with the additional space fee prior to opening on Saturday or may be expelled from Winter Carnival; any additional fees for removal will be paid by the Vendor at time of removal. No changes in space rental size will be allowed after event start time.

3. All Vendors agree that all fees paid to SPFHF are non-transferable and no booth space may be sublet, reassigned or otherwise transferred to a third party without written approval from SPFHF. All fees paid are non-refundable after January 12, 2018.

4. Unless specified otherwise in the agreement, Exhibitor/Vendor must provide all furniture, chairs, tents, and other equipment necessary for their own booth. SPFHF is unable to accept responsibility for any lost or stolen items, or for the return of any rental equipment other than their own. All generators or electrical requirements are the responsibility of the Exhibitor/Vendor. All power requirements must be approved by SPFHF if necessary.

5. All approved Vendors are required to be open on the specified date and time as listed above or as directed by SPFHF. Vendor check-in opens One (1) hour prior to set-up time designated in the above Event listing.

All Vendors must check in One (1) hour prior to event in order to secure agreed upon space rental. Any Vendors checking in after waive their right for advanced agreed upon space and may be moved to another available location on site. SPFHF reserves the right to change location of a Vendor’s space if unforeseen circumstances arise or said Vendor arrives after designated time as listed above.

6. NO VEHICLES MAY BE IN WINTER CARNIVAL FOOTPRINT FROM 1/2 HOUR BEFORE OPENING UNTIL 15 MINUTES AFTER CLOSING TIME. SPFHF cannot take responsibility for any tickets issued by the City of St. Paul, St. Paul Police, Ramsey County, for vehicles breaking rules. Storage vehicles (trucks, cars, etc.) must be parked off Winter Carnival grounds in a legal parking space.

7. Please remember that Winter Carnival takes place on property controlled by private businesses and the City of St. Paul. All rules of these agencies are strictly enforced throughout Winter Carnival. Any Vendor that is found in violation of these rules, regulations, or ordinances may be expelled from Winter Carnival without refund or compensation. Vendor is also responsible for any expenses incurred by said governmental body or expenses resulted in fines to Winter Carnival.

8. It is the responsibility of the vendor to deal with any permits and licenses (i.e. Special Event Food Sales Permit, Minnesota Sales Tax, etc.). Vendors must supply a copy of their MDH Health Permit or Special Permit, Liability Insurance policy by January 7th, 2018. The Vendor understands that they are solely responsible for calculating and reporting to the Internal Revenue Service and the Minnesota Department of Revenue all taxes arising from the sale of Taxable items at the Festival.

9. The Vendor affirms that they do not discriminate in hiring, employment, participation or services rendered based on the fact or perception of a person’s race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or as otherwise specified by governing law.

10. All Vendors, either sales or food and beverage, will list all items that they intend to sell at Winter Carnival. There will be a limited number of “same kind” Vendors. In the event of an excessive number of “same kind” applications, SPFHF reserves the right to restrict items offered for sale or services to be provided.

11. Acceptance as a Vendor by Winter Carnival does not imply endorsement or affiliation of the organization and/or individual. Vendors may not use Winter Carnival name and/or logos (including the 2017 Winter Carnival Logo) unless written approval has been given by SPFHF.

12. Any radio, web, or other electronic transmissions including video recording and photography for public use or personal gain is forbidden unless written approval has been given by SPFHF.

13. SPFHF reserves the right to accept, change, or not accept an agreement if said agreement does not meet specified requirements based on vendor category selection, incorrect or misleading information or any item that may be considered a violation of Winter Carnival, City, or State rules, regulations, ordinances or law.

14. Letters of Confirmation and site placement maps will be sent electronically five (5) days prior to Winter Carnival. Should you have any questions, please email: