East Wind Scavenger Hunt Registration

East Wind Hunt – King Boreas appointed Euros the King of the East Wind and as such he has come to represent the mysteries and ancient knowledge of the East. As such, his hunt will challenge you like no other. In this hunt your team must solve a series of puzzles that are not for the faint of heart. They may employ codes, ciphers, or visual trickery that will take a keen mind to unravel. When you solve a puzzle, it will give you a word to enter into the Our Treasure Hunt app. That will then give you a clue to a location in town where you will obtain the next puzzle, and then repeat the process until you have solved all 12 puzzles. If you get stumped on a puzzle, the next clue will appear automatically in 24 hours.


Each team can have as many members as you would like to split the prize with, but only one person (or rather phone) per team can register in the app. The clues will be available to your team leader through the app and the puzzles can be copied to other team members. The grand prize will be awarded via a drawing.


The hunt begins at 9am on Saturday, January 27th and will end Sunday, February 4th at 5pm so your team will have until then to finish. Each clue solved will earn one entry in the drawing. You can also earn another 5 entries by completing the hunt. Additionally, a bonus 40, 20, and 10 entries will be awarded to the first, second, and third teams to finish respectively.